Amor Evil


Okay geng! Finally the truth comes out of my mouth. I have amazing geng actually. It's Amor Evil! Wll, just 5 of us which are  Ayiee, Awen, Amber, Alvia & Azie (me). See all A in front of every single name? Hahaha it's all made up guys. The weird things is I'm the only muslim girl in this geng. But I don't mind because religious can't stop our friendship. Hmmm... Ayiee & Alvia, these two are beautiful girl I say. And Awen & Amber... Gosh! They're  so adorable you know. Azie? Nothing much to say. Maybe 2 words. I'm UGLY! Hahaha Yeah... It's the truth. Everyone thought these 4 amazing girls are arrogant, snobbish & what so ever (negative thoughts). Actually they're nice in the inside when you getting know them or be their truely friend. Let's me tell you something about this increadible name of our geng:

AMOR means love &

E - emo
V - vampire
I - indie
L - ladies

but when Amor + Evil = it's mean the darkness of love. So... For boys out there be careful! Maybe you'll be the next victim.

Okay! These are the members of Amor Evil.





Azie (me)

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