Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA... 06 MAY that's the day my age is increases. But my height doesn't increases. I thought it's gonna be a boring day but it's was my BEST day. Firstly, when I woke up in the early morning... Just wanna prepared to go to school, my mom didn't say anything. But then, she says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". I knew that she forget today is my birthday. But it's okay with me.

During school...
All my friends acts like nothing special today. So I just talk with Hazwani, my form 3 friend. Then, Mia asked me to join them. Wait........ Boom! There they are singing a birthday song for me. I was shocked! Thought they forget like my mom did. Inside in my heart I wanna cry but ladies like control 'AYU'. Hahaha... Even though people didn't give me any gift for my birhtday but I'm just glad and really appreciate all the wishes. THANK YOU!

At home...
Hmm..... Nothing else except all the things I usually do. Wanna know something? I just ate Maggie Curry & drink plain water for my lunch. Hahaha... Pity me! Always get to it. My dad... His reaction is BLANK! Like nothing happen. Every year is the same to me. Birthday cake? Yes and sometimes no. Gift? Also yes and sometimes no.

I wanna cry!!!!! Huhuhuhue... Damn it. I asked my mom permission to go to the cyber cafe with my friend. And access DENIED. What the hell? All I want to go there is because to thanks all my facebook friends for the wishes. Why don't just thanks at home? I tell you why... My dad's laptop always slow even snail are faster than it. It's also have VIRUS.

Okay readers! That's all my story for today. Maybe tomorrow or the day after, I'll tell you another great story. Keep in touch!
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