Okay geng! Have you wondered why my blog mostly in english language? Hmm... If you do, let's me tell you why. If you don't, I still wanna tell you. Honestly, malay language is too hard for me instead of english. When I'm writing an essei, I prefer English writing because I've many ideas at that moment. Well, my mom's family are very stricked about speaking in english. They scolded me and my sisters along if we didn't speaking very well. And when I'm in primary school having UPSR examination, I've an A in English. But a B in Bahasa Malaysia. What the hell right? When you in form 3, you'll having your PMR examination right? I also got an A in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Thanks to Allah! I've improved my Bahasa Malaysia. It's weird because the cleverest class than my class got B in their Bahasa Malaysia. My teacher said that my previous class 3 Cempaka mostly got an A in Bahasa Malaysia. Thank you teacher! So I hope I can mantain my achievement for having A in my English subject. Amin..........................
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