Wow! Can't believe what I heard from my mom. She got pregnant for the fifth time. Never think of it before because my mom is 42 years old. I was so shocked and thought it was a joke but no it wasn't. And that's mean we'll have a new member in our family. It's also we've got to starting babysitting little sister/brother. Whipping his/her poop. Feeding his/her milk. But that I can handle it in no time. Why? I've used to it. One year ago, I've babysitting 3 boys aged 1 years plus. First it wasn't easy to take care babies. They cried a lot. And makes my ears hurt. Once I want to cried like a baby because couldn't handle the situation. HAHAHA... It was funny at that moment. Felt like I'm the ones who should be babysitting by them. Few months later, it been "EASY A PIECE OF CAKE" to me. I know doing this kind of job will disturbing my studies but I don't mind. Yet my greds still good. HAHAHA... Okay then. Time for me to go. Take care of yourself, readers. Wish me a good luck for finding the next story of my life. Bye!
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